Dominion Flag And Pole


All Flags shown are  3 Feet x 5 Feet  and made of Nylon or Polyester as labelled.

          Canada  Flags                                                 Canada  Provincial  Flags    

International  Flags


3 x 5  Nylon  $46.00

3 x 5  Poly  $29.00

27"x 54"  Knitted Polyester   $46.00

Pirate Flag   Happy Face Flag
          Pirate  Flag (Nylon)                                                       Happy Face Flag (Nylon)   

Christian Flag  British White Ensign          Christian Flag (Nylon)                                           British White Ensign (Poly)
Mohawk Flag   First Nations Flag
                   Mohawk  Flag (Poly)                                   1st Nations Eagle & Wolf (Poly)      

Metis Red   Metis Blue                          Metis Red (Poly)                                                  Metis Blue (Poly)

27"x 54" Knitted Polyester

  Vancouver Island Flag    Colony of British Columbia
               Colony of Vancouver Island                                   Colony of British Columbia
             12"x 24"                     27"  X  54" 

British White Ensign  Colony of Newfoundland
                       British White Ensign                           Colony of Newfoundland 1904 - 1949

  Hudsons Bay  Salt Spring Island Flag
                            Hudson's Bay                                                Salt Spring Island

  Canadian Blue Bars Flag   Royal Canadian Air Force
                     Canadian Blue Bars                                                        RCA

  Earth Flag   Federation of Planets
                                 Earth                                              United Federation of Planets

Pride Flags
3'x 5' Polyester  $25.00

  Rainbow Flag  Canadian Rainbow
                          Rainbow                                                           Canadian Rainbow

  Lesbian Flag  Bisexual Flag
                          Lesbian                                                                     Bisexual

  Asexual Flag  Transgender Flag
                            Asexual                                                              Transgender